St. Paul’s Chapel – Fulton St. & Broadway

The pictures in this album were taken in May 2002 (and some in November 2001) inside St. Pauls Chapel. The only people who were allowed into the Chapel were workers on the ‘pit’, police, fire dept., and approved volunteers. This site was ‘off limits’ to the media for 9 months as it was a site of rest, reflection and refreshment for the workers, and so they could escape the persistent media requests for information. Media coverage was allowed on 2 occasions…Mayor Guiliani’s farewell speech, and once in March 2002 ‘NY One’ was permitted inside…for 1 hour only and they interviewed ME in that time, as well as a few friends, believe it or not!
The empty Chapel pictures seen here were taken on 6/1/02, after the Chapel closed it’s doors as a respite center. It was a completely amazing experience to have, but the irony is that I wish I never had to have it!

Location: Fulton St. & Broadway, NYC

StPauls Fence 


St Pauls 1















The Chiro area was along the wall, just to the left of the flag
Tables with memorials and "Missing" signs
Along this wall were the serving tables, Chiro was to the right(not pictured)
The massage area was in the front of the Chapel
Large banners were present everywhere. A 2002 SLC Olympics one was hung to the right of this one from NASA