Flu Shots? Measles? DTaP? Here’s Some Research…



Keep in mind that this page has information on it that is based on medical evidence and studies. Only you can reasonably answer why you’re not told this information, or better yet, why your physician/pediatrician doesn’t want you to know it.

VIDEO – What’s in a flu vaccine?? 

(Connecticut offers 2 forms of exemption from vaccines: medical and religious. If there is no medical reason [immunosuppressed, allergy, etc] for exempting your child, your only other alternative is to claim “religious exemption”. This allows you the choice to either vaccinate [or not], by “informed choice”.  Click here for the CT Religious Exemption formwhich is accepted state-wide in Connecticut by all schools and day cares!).  For those who are Biblically oriented, find your reasons here.

Some government and medical agencies recommend flu shots for healthy infants and toddlers between the ages of 6-23 months.  But this recommendation may not be based on scientific evidence. Conversely, even the CDC stated that the 2014 flu shot was ineffective this year. What’s more, the flu vaccine is linked to side effects ranging from autism to allergies. And recently, a German study has found that vaccinated kids are much more UNhealthy than NON-vaccinated kids…stating that those who ARE vaccinated are 5 times MORE likely to develop diseases. For more on that study, click here.

Does the Government report FEWER adverse reactions (Guillan-Barre Syndrome) from the flu shot? Go HERE to watch an interview with Dr. Mark Geier regarding the efficacy of todays vaccines – especially DTaP and Flu. For other side-effect statistics, click here!

In studies during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic, there were patients treated medically and others treated at DD Palmer’s School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. The medical facility treated 3 times more patients, but had 274 TIMES  more of a death rate than at Palmer’s school.  This study was revealed in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternity and Family Health, May 4, 2009.  In the article, they (a medical journal) recommend that “chiropractic care should be incorporated into all flu prevention programs since spinal adjustments have been proven to enhance the immune systems”  To read the story about the results of the study, as well as myths about the flu and flu shot, go here.  If you’d like, click here to read one person’s account of what they give their child naturally in order to boost their immune system and prevent the flu – and without all the potential side effects and finger-crossing hoping your child doesn’t have an adverse reaction.

In my years I’ve come to learn that people hold differing opinions about vaccinations. Some get none, some get all, some selectively vaccinate. I come from the camp of “get educated before you get medicated.” There have been numerous claims and government (VAERS) claim settlements to thousands of parents whose children have been injured by vaccines. It’s obvious those settlements would never have been made if the vaccines were totally harmless.  I did find an outstanding article about vaccines – including arguments held by some – which also includes short videos of what happens to nerve (brain) tissue when it’s exposed to the ingredients of vaccines…to read and watch it, CLICK HERE. It’s awesome! The entire piece is well written and well documented and I encourage EVERYONE to take the time to learn from it.

A similar situation exists with the Measles vaccine. Measles cases were on a SEVERE DECLINE prior to the introduction of the vaccine, however I’m sure you were led to believe the opposite – that rates dropped after the vaccine was being used. United States measles mortality rate from 1900 to 1987.It’s still possible to shed the vaccine after being inoculated, and in this country the chances of actually dying from Measles is extremely remote, considering that only between 150-300 cases are reported YEARLY…and out of 320 Million people, that’s not a whole lot. How many of those die from Measles is even more remote. Click here to read THE FACTS about this disease in a thoroughly researched article by Roman Byanstrik about THE FACTS regarding the Measles vaccine.

Flu Shot – No Better Than Placebo

Researchers who analyzed 51 vaccine studies involving a half-million children worldwide recently concluded that “the injection [of inactivated flu vaccine] is no better than a placebo at preventing influenza.” Their collective conclusion was published in the January 2006 issue of The Cochrane Library, a publication of the Cochrane Collaboration: a renowned international organization that evaluates medical research (Cochrane Database syst Rev 2006;1:CD004879).

Chiropractic Care Becomes Part Of Flu Prevention!! Click Here To Learn More about what your doctor WON’T tell you or doesn’t know about the Flu!

Inactivated flu vaccine is the only one approved for the 6-23 month age group, according to the Cochrane researchers. It includes the virus in its “killed” state, as opposed to the “live” version known as Live Attenuated Influenze Vaccine(LAIV). One month after the Cochrane review – which included 17 papers translated from Russia for the first time – was published, researchers in Japan noted that “no significant vaccine effectiveness was detected among very young children” who were given inactivated flu vaccine.  The study included 2,913 children under the age of 6; 1,512 of whom received inactivated flu vaccine and 1,401 who received no vaccine (Vaccine 2006;24:957-63). The Japanese study supports the conclusion of Cochrane review co-author Sue Smith, MD of Oxford University, who said that “national policies for the vaccination of healthy young children are based on very little evidence.”

So, is it safe? In the process of reviewing the initial studies, the Cochrane authors also noted a particularly disturbing omission. “We were astonished to find only ONE safety study of inactivated vaccine in children under two years[of age] carried out nearly 30 years ago, and in only 35 children.” So, safety studies are grossly lacking.

Increased Risk of Flu Later In Life

In an article published earlier this year, researchers from France noted that “repeated vaccination at a young age substantially increases the risk of influenza in older age.” In fact, the study found that those who receive repeated flu shots as children are twice as likely to get the flu as adults, compared with those who wait until the age of 50+ to receive their first flu shot. The researchers concluded that “these findings have important implications for influenza vaccination policies.” (Epidemiol Infect 2006;134: 63-70). This finding is particularly unsettling, because older people tend to have more complications arise from the flu, compared with youngsters.

More on LAIV

According to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices(ACIP), Live and Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV) should not be given to children under the age of five or adults over the age of 50 (MMWR Recomm Rep 2003; 52:1-8). However, some LAIV formulations – such as FluMist(TM) – are gaining in popularity among individuals over 50 due to widespread advertising campaigns.  LAIV is also dangerous for people with asthma, reactive airways disease or other chronic disorders of the pulmonary or cardiovascular systems; persons with other underlying medical conditions, including diabetes renal dysfunction and hemoglobulinopathies(anemia resulting from abnormal hemoglobin levels); or persons with known or suspected immunodeficiency diseases or who are receiving immunosuppressive therapies. Children over the age of five or adolescents who take aspirin or other salicylates (because of the association of Reye’s syndrome with wild-type influenza infection) should also avoid LAIV.  So should pregnant women and anyone with a history of Guillain-Barre syndrome or allergies to eggs.

Mercury and Flu Vaccine

Researchers speculate that the mercury based preservative thimerosal — use in many inactivated flu vaccine formulas — is linked with autism.  “Mercury poisoning and autism both affect the central nervous system.” (Pediatrics 2003; 111:674-9.) Thimerosal interrupts growth factor signaling and interferes with the regulation of normal DNA and gene function: critical to proper neurological development in infants and children(Mol Psychiatry 2004; 9:1038).  Why was thimerosal added to vaccines in the first place?  To prevent spoilage and contamination, a major risk factor when vaccines were first introduced.  Although many developed countries phased out most Thimerosal-containing vaccines in 2000, the questionable preservative is still used in the manufacturing of most inactivated flu vaccines, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. Most vaccines for diphtheria, Japanese encephalitis, meningococcal and some hepatitis B formulas also continue to feature the preservative. (For more information on thimerosal in vaccines, visit www.FDA.gov/CBER/vaccine/Thimerosal.htm

The Chiropractic Lifestyle Boosts Immune Function

It’s a fact: a stronger immune system is less vulnerable to allowing disease and illness. When the spine is healthy, both the nervous and immune systems benefit: a connection known as psychoneuroimmunology.  “In practice, most chiropractors also emphasize the role of diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications as an adjunct to the healing process.  As such, chiropractic is well positioned to make a unique contribution to the field of psychoneuroimmunology.” (JVSR 2005:1-7.)  To squash the flu bug in its nasty little tracks, reinforce your child’s immune system with proper nutrition, plenty of sleep and — of course — regular chiropractic visits.

Think for Yourself

Numerous studies reveal a well-orchestrated effort by government and medical agencies to persuade reluctant parents to have their children vaccinated.  “A clear message that the doctor recommends influenza vaccination for a child is an important factor for ensuring vaccination and may foster the idea that vaccination is ‘smart’.” (Am J Prev Med 2005; 29:210-4.)  Another study noted that “enthusiastic staff support may result in higher vaccination rates.” (Am J Manag Care 2005; 11:717-24.)  The subtle insinuation in the above cited references, as well as countless others, is that if parents don’t vaccinate their children, they are bad parents. Doctors of chiropractic believe in the open and honest exchange of research data. This holds true – especially with vaccines. Once the injection is given, you’re helpless to control the chemical reactions that occur. The key is not to take any one doctors’ word for it when it comes to your child’s health.  Instead, gather as much research information as possible before arriving at your own conclusion. GET EDUCATED BEFORE YOU GET MEDICATED!!