October is “Scoliosis Awareness” Month

Have you ever had a scoliosis evaluation? … Or do you know someone who has been diagnosed with one that should have been properly addressed and treated YEARS ago?

Don’t follow the old-school medical approach of “Wait until it gets worse, then we’ll brace it!!”  There are enough examples of regret walking around today because of THAT approach!!

Scoliosis is a lateral bend of the spine – which should be straight – when viewed from front to back.  They can be very noticeable or pretty well hidden by clothing. This month I offer scoliosis and postural evaluations for FREE!! All it takes is to make the first move and call (203) 748 – 2499 and schedule an appointment.

I can’t emphasize the importance of this evaluation enough – ESPECIALLY FOR SCHOOL-AGE CHILDREN!!  As the saying goes, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree…!  You don’t get a chance to go back in time and address something that should have been detected!!  PLEASE DO NOT assume that the scoliosis evaluations performed in schools are a substitute for a professional evaluation!!


(203) 748-2499