LeRoy, N.Y. Mystery Continues and Frustrates…

Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen an article about it, but in case you haven’t… there are 12 adolescent girls – all from the same high school in upstate NY. All about the same age. All developed a strange neurological disorder that manifests itself with uncontrollable tics, and all within a pretty small period of time – severe enough that some of them could not continue attending school.

The story of these 12 girls is now national news.  The parents are livid that the state medical authorities are refusing to disclose information about the illness – including what it is – to anyone, including the parents – and are basically telling everyone, “Stay calm. Please disperse. Nothing to see here…”

Imagine it was YOU or YOUR child.  Imagine you lived in the town and wanted to warn your children not to do what THOSE 12 did (if anything at all), but you can’t because the people who know aren’t telling you?  Imagine that you couldn’t take any special precaution to protect your other children KNOWING that something can cause harm, but you aren’t being told what it is? And when you ask the people WHO DO know, you get stonewalled?

In a town meeting, the Health Department for NY State narrowed the causes to down to one of 4 things – genetics, environment, infectious disease, and drugs (recreational or prescription). As reported, those authorities are from the CDC and “cluster” doctors from Columbia University. My guess is that someone sees a serious problem here.  Afterall, who calls on such bigwigs for a  simple allergic reaction or food poisoning? But they’re leaving a gaps with subtle clues…

[As is typical in cases involving private health information, I write this with the disclaimer that I do not have all the information (health and otherwise) that they have about these girls] However, given the info that IS out, let’s break this down…They stated in a meeting with parents about the 4 possible causes: Environment, Genetics, Infectious Disease or Drug Toxicity(recreation or prescription).  Let’s see…

Environment: If there were something in public (air, water, food), there would have been some kind of public warning.  Same goes for food-borne illness – there would have been a food manufacturer exposed and given the “perp walk” of shame in order to point the finger at someone/something…like a bad batch of chicken, salmonella in the lettuce, etc. Now the “establishment” has diagnosed them with “Conversion Disorder” – a disease resulting in similar symptoms (true), but usually brought on by some kind of stress or traumatic event. I’d never heard of this prior to this story. But when asked, nothing fits the criteria(at least nothing has been mentioned at this time). The above-definition falls just short of the diagnosis of “hysteria”, but in this mass of 12 girls, would be termed “mass hysteria.”

Genetics:  Hardly an issue here. These children are not related to each other, nor do I doubt they possess the family histories inclusive of anything to account for experiencing an outbreak of simultaneous symptoms – and the possibility of such a high occurrence (frequency) in such a small population would make this statistically impossible.

Infectious Disease: A possibility. But if so, should there be NO further action by authorities to limit where these girls were? Or how about other individuals? There would be more labeling and finger-pointing to expose some fear that everyone should guard against. And what other infectious disease is so selective that it affects GIRLS only? The flu? A cold? Meningitis? Mono?  …all equal-opportunity illnesses.  All the right age-group, but GIRLS only? So, kind of rules this out, too…

Drug exposure(prescription or recreational): Well, there are a lot more possibilities here. Recreational drug use is always a possibility, but medical tests would have probably revealed something and from what was reported, they were performed. We would need to find something that would have a predilection for girls (notably adolescent girls) but also, common enough that would be obscured amongst other things that are considered “routine” and accepted as ‘normally experienced or taken’ by adolescent girls. There are two possibilities… birth control pills and HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix).  Take into account the timing. This occurred within a short period of time.  Exposure to a bad batch of birth control pills or a bad batch of a vaccine would be easy to explain, and there would be some reason to keep it quiet, considering the fear it would generate. But the timing would need to be coordinated in such a way that they were all on birth control pills(BCP) to begin with (obviously that info isn’t going to be released), got the same brand, and started taking them all at the same time. Not impossible, but improbable. The other possibility are the HPV vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix. The timing becomes more easily explained – as most children “get their shots” (and boosters, such as DTaP and the flu shot) before enrolling in school in the fall. It also satisfies the girls-only attack (even though they’re trying to convince boys to get the Gardasil shot also), as well as their target age group(9-27).

Given only this amount of information, the latter seems the most probable. Vaccines have been known to cause neurological disorders. Gardasil especially – based on the high levels of aluminum which is used as an adjuvent in the vaccine. Even the possibility of a cocktail effect of BCP’s and the vaccine MUST come into play considering the BCP’s deplete the body of certain vitamins(B6) that work to eliminate aluminum. This would make a girl more susceptible to a vaccine injury – again making the vaccine-theory more possible.

As a physician, I find the whole government/health group handling this to be worthy of scrutiny. These officials are not unbiased by any means, and they have an interest in the outcome of this tragedy – as most Health Departments have incomes depending widely on the promotion and sales of vaccines.  Maybe no one else questioned this, but I certainly wouldn’t buy the “Conversion Disorder” diagnosis being offered.

So, the questions remain…and so does the frustration of the parents (and citizens) of Leroy, NY. They’ve been given NOTHING as to the cause OR as an explanation, and I personally grow tired of watching regular people being talked down to and treated without respect by a government authority or medical establishment.  The reason this became a national story is because of the shell-game, the omissions of facts, and the deceit of the involved public (and patients) by supplying a grouped “garbage can” diagnosis. And if it is “Conversion Disorder” as they say, and it is brought on by stress, why has no one mentioned what the stress is? Neither the kids interviewed or their parents have divulged this info – which most people would do in order to tell their story and hope it doesn’t happen to others.

So, it seems now like the “cleaners” are in town making sure no news gets out.  Because I’m sure the CDC and NYS Dept of Health didn’t go up to Leroy NY just to ask what they’re having for breakfast…

And as a parent, I’d be insulted and frustrated too. And my guess is that you’ll hardly hear about the conclusion of this story since the mystique and FEAR are what’s making it survive…and that won’t help anyone, either. In either case, the truth is in Leroy…but will it be told? Or will the cleaners and media change it for us…you know…for OUR protection?

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